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Move More Cars is a progressive platform that represents unique selling propositions for dealerships around the country. We can help your dealership stand out in the market place while providing additional margins of profit. Our products include…

- Lifetime Warranty
A unique selling proposition that your market place competitors can not duplicate. This is NOT an F&I product, it is a branding and marketing tool that will supercharge your dealership.

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- EZ Sales Pro
A personal branding and marketing platform for the automobile salesperson. Training sales process is not enough these days, the key is to train your people to market and brand themselves. Why pay for leads you only close at 11% when you can grow them organically and close 40-50% with a 20% increased margin!

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- CDP Tracker
An opportunity to turn dead deals into additional profit and a future sale. As a professional what do you do when you have invested time and energy in a potential client just to find out their credit score does not qualify for the purchase?

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- The Referral Network
A comprehensive process to create a steady flow of referrals that close 40-50% at a higher margin.
The EZ Referral Network lets you easily:

  • - Log in to your personal website or smart phone application.

- Sign up those friends or relatives who want to help you build your business and earn a few dollars by referring customers to you.

  • - Make sure your referrals are paid. You no longer have to continuously follow up with accounting to make sure those referral checks were cut and mailed out. It’s all done electronically and you can check the payment status directly on YOUR EZ Referral Network website or app.
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- IME Connected
A private media buying service with $12,000,000 a month in buying power. Send in your media buy for a comparison
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-Mail Marketing Done Right
Effective mail without the rip-off!

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We know that a technology without a process leading to it goes unused and a process without a technology supporting it can not be replicated and sustained.
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