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As a professional what do you do when you have invested time and energy in a potential client just to find out their credit does not qualify for the purchase? Now you have the opportunity to turn that invested time into revenue! There are 2 ways CDP tracker can generate revenue…

1. The Affiliate Program FREE:
You can now enjoy the normal commission from the future sale of your product after we perform the restoration necessary to qualify. As an affiliate you simply introduce them to CDP and we do the rest. You will receive a referral fee when they start the process. After the reiteration process is completed you will be notified to re-contact them and pick up where you left off. If you wish to track the progress throughout the reiteration process you can become an authorized broker.

2. Become a Authorized Broker of CDP:
You will then be able to earn commissions for the restoration process. You will have a higher level of security in the CDP Tracker allowing for follow up with both potential clients and working files. We still do all the heavy lifting as it pertains to the reiteration process. Simply put you sell the potential clients on joining the restoration process for $595 and retain $250 commission.

CDP actually works for any industry that utilizes credit as a way to qualify consumers for whatever products or services they are trying to sell. The process's are all the same; fill out a credit application and either get approved or denied. It makes for a great soft turn down and gives you financial opportunity where it normally doesn't exist.

BMJ&J Inc the parent corporation of CDP Tracker is a State of Florida registered , licensed, and bonded Florida Sub Chapter S- Corp. BMJ&J Inc / CDP Tracker is owned separately and not in conjunction with either move more cars or ez sales pro. All contracts for credit correction services are solely between the client and BMJ&J Inc / CDP Tracker.

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