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Ever wonder if the direct mail you paid for was actually mailed? Please read on as I explain the dirty secret of some direct mail companies.

Mail companies open up their mail permit with the US postal service. In many cases a manifest of names and addresses by zip code is provided to you as to who they intend to mail. The printer prints the bulk of mail and in this example we will use 100,000 pieces of mail. Then the mail is weighed to get a bulk weight receipt for 100,000 pieces of mail. OK now here is where it get's sticky! The manifest, the printing receipt and the bulk weight receipt are provided to you as proof that the mail was done BUT…

Prior to the actual mail drop the company can remove let's say 40,000 pieces and only drop 60,000 pieces. The 40,000 non mailed pieces are then credited to the companies mail permit and no one knows it happened! It's like a ponzi scheme, you pay for something you never receive.

Bottom line…
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