Offer Something Different

Unique Selling Proposition

All of your competitors offer the same product with the same features in the same market. The only way a customer can to compare you against your competitors is price. Unless you have something different.

High Perceived Value

Aside from price, the most valuable consumer consideration is the vehicle's protection.

Low Cost

Years of protection for less than the cost of tinting the windows.

No Contingent Liability

Unlike other providers, we don't hold you accountable for claims.

Nationwide Coverage

Your customer is covered anywhere in the U.S. or Canada at any licensed repair facility.

Offer a Long Term Powertrain Warranty

Backed By an “A” Rated Insurance Company

A solid foundation who will handle claims and processing to give you complete peace of mind.

Federally Compliant

Compliant with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, you can be sure the coverage you are giving will protect your customer anywhere in the US or Canada.

Customer Trusted

Owning a vehicle is a long term commitment for your customer. Providing powerful, long term protection for their purchase can easily build credibility in your brand throughout the community.

Easy Claim Submission

Our claim specialists make life simple for your service writers when filing a claim: simply have the customer’s maintenance history available when calling in and we will take care of  the rest. Payment is fast on a National credit card.

Boost F&I Sales

Much like selling a wrap on a certified pre-owned. Having warranty coverage top of mind with the customer makes Service Contract sales much easier. Pre-Paid maintenance is a softball for F&I.

Unique Advertising Message

Instead of pushing free gas for a year or the lowest price around, build an advertising message that actually offers something different than your competitors. Stop selling price and start selling value. Your bottom line will increase dramatically.

Your Message To Your Customers


Deliver your advertised message at the point of contact in every department! We train every employee in your store to deliver the message of the long-term warranty coverage you advertised. ONE PROCESS… ONE GOAL!

You take care of your vehicle we take care of YOU!

Instead of customers throwing you the keys asking for an oil change only, you can upsell the factory recommended maintenance with the added concern of keeping their warranty compliant. Giving them nationwide long-term coverage opens the door for great customer loyalty.

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