Reviews Effect Ranking

Google Reviews Affect Your SEO

With data stretching over 54,000 business listings in 146 cities, we looked closely at the top ten results for 41 of the most commonly searched business keywords to find an incredibly strong correlation: Reviews absolutely help or hurt your search ranking in Google.

Average # of Reviews
Average ★ Rating
People have a lot to say

Car Dealerships are the most reviewed business per listing on Google.

Filter Negative Reviews

Instead of having your dirty laundry thrown out for the world to see, we filter negative customer experiences to a dedicated channel where they can vent their frustration, and this is immediately sent over to you to handle internally.

Now when you have a heat case leaving that didn’t resolve well, you won’t have to pray they forget to leave you a review. Encourage them to review you through our system to ensure you know where that review is going.

We empathize to try to diffuse the situation. Customize this message as you see fit.
We capture any relevant information for you, including customer’s situation, date of incident, and date of submission. Also completely customizable for your store.
All of this information is only sent to you and your team. The customer feels heard, and you can handle the situation as you see fit.

Filter Negative Reviews

Have your negative reviews diverted privately to your inbox so you can then handle the complaint internally.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Our system pushes for your customers to review you easily and seamlessly with your current sales process.

Text Message Marketing

Our system also has your customers agree to receiving your text message advertisements up to 4 times a month.

Powerful Connectivity

Structure Text-2-Win sweepstakes, large format giveaways, and immediate text blasts for your next end of the month push.

Text Marketing

When signing into our system, each customer agrees to receive messages from you up to 4 times a month.

Fast Accessibility

Communicate directly to your customer base faster than any other advertising platform. Gives you the ability to offer flash sales for limited time only.

Text-2-Win Sweepstakes

You can even use the system to organize large scale giveaways with a random winner selection. Essentially offering prizes for subscribing to your marketing list.

93%+ Open Rate

No other advertising medium offers such an incredible assurance that your customers will actually see your message.

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